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Date: Friday, August 23, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

SITE UPDATE: Performance Improvement & Change of Form Color Scheme

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Find out how we improve our overall site performance, why it is proud to be our I'mTP members, why it is worth spending time searching courses on, and why we change our online forms' colour scheme.

Overall Site Performance Improvement

Almost all websites have other dependencies that control its look-and-feel, behaviors and functionalities. Some people refer to these files as resource files. They're like images, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript files. When a web browser is loading a page, all these dependencies need to be loaded as well; some need to be loaded in sequence, some not.

Earlier, we placed these files in different geography locations on different 3rd party servers. Now, we've moved these files to a same geographical location on a same server that is more powerful with higher up-time. Although we've yet to compress and minify those files for smaller file size, faster loading time, and shorter browser interpretation time, this is just one of our site performance tuning stages. We will keep you updated as we move on.

Hosting your web pages and the resource files may have a great impact on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance too, for example, when Google is unable to crawl your pages due to time-out response time. When Google is unable to crawl your pages, naturally, your pages will not be indexed and searchable on search engine, not to mention about achieving high ranking.

GTmetrix Performance Report 23 Aug 2013 Site Performance Report, 23 Aug 2013 — By GTmetrix

Implications to Small-Medium Size Training Providers

This is why we always tell our clients that In-house SEO is a very costly long-term investment, especially to those small-medium size start-up training providers. While your training skills and service quality could be far greater than others, if you're not discoverable on the Internet, all your talents and passion are almost becoming useless and wasted. But if you were to invest also on your own website, your start-up will be a very painful experience and potentially, unsustainable. This is why came into play, to help those small-medium size training providers to be able to compete side-by-side with those larger competitors in a very afforable and profitable way.

However, we're also quite particular on the qualifications of the training providers and the way they approach us with their professionalism. We're not expecting for a formal and grand way of approaching us; we're just expecting for training providers with positive attitude, sincerity, politeness, cheerful personality, passion, and with good communication skills. We want to give the public an impression that training providers on are usually friendly and helpful, not rude and arrogant. Through this way, people began to enjoy searching for courses on our website as we had helped them to cut down one major concern, i.e. training provider's professionalism. In addition to this, as we also provide population control of training providers residented on our website, we also need to conduct our new member acceptance process in a selective manner. We hope that we can gain your understanding on this matter.

If you're interested in becoming our member, feel free to study through our membership sign-up page for membership benefits, how it works, pricing, and terms and conditions.

Change of Online Form Colour Scheme

Change of Online Form Colour Scheme

If you used our online forms before in the past one or two months, you may notice that our form colour scheme was red title bar and red submit button, white background, and dark grey text. After redesigning our website and logo to a more modern style, we discovered that such colour scheme no longer matched with our new theme. Therefore, we decided to change it to only two colours, i.e. grey and white with sleeker submit button. This new colour scheme has become particularly better when our online forms are actually a "pop-up light box", namely the entire page will be blackout, leaving only the pop-up form. We hope that you'll find this new colour scheme better.

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