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Date: Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

Home 3.0: Bringing Your Course Hunting Experience to the Next Level

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Making our home page more worthwhile to be revisited than before...

Why Home 3.0?

Since we started on 11.11.2011 until today, we have a total of 13,653 returning visitors and 83.4% are from Malaysia. Lately this year, over 30% out of our total monthly visitors are returning visitors. Apparently, many have chosen as their favorite source in searching for their desired corporate training courses. But the question is, how can we make the returns of our loyal visitors more meaningful and worthwhile than before? — Here comes our Home 3.0!

From time to time, almost every monthly, training providers on submitted their new offers, some are new courses available for in-house while others available for public. All the while, besides publishing these new offers somewhere on our website, we also posted them on all our social networks; but for those visitors who have yet to follow us on our social network, they might not aware of these new updates. Those latest updates are particularly more important to those returning visitors as everything may seem to be the same if nothing new has been highlighted.

Another reason is about MOTIVATION in the training industry of Malaysia in particular. According to Google Trends, searches for training related keywords in Malaysia such as "training" and "courses" had been declining since Year 2004 until now:

Although we believe this is very much impacted by the government's political and economical policies, which in turn influence the demand on self-improvement, employee development and certifications, we,, as part of the players in Malaysia's training community should do our best to encourage the culture of people empowerment through our website — otherwise how are we going to improve and develop our country's economy? Without having people hunger for skills and knowledge, how are we going to produce more talents to build our country to be a better place? In the training website's perspective, if we don't catch up with the latest design trend in expressing our passion in training, how are we going to help increasing the interest for people to keep searching for training? If searching for courses is to "force their eyes to move backwards", then essentially, how are we going to help others to move forward? — This is part of the philosophy of

What do we offer on Home 3.0?

As we mentioned earlier, Home 3.0 isn't only to help our returning visitors to easily discover what's new, it is also designed to make a pleasant and motivating place to be visited. The following describe what are the changes that have been made compared to the earlier version and what are the new items that have been added to this new home page:

  1. Modern 'Flat Tiles Web Design' with our own Uniqueness and Creativity

    If you're relatively savvy on Internet, you may notice that the current modern web design trend goes to flatter tile boxes and fonts. This is particular obvious when Microsoft released their metro style Windows 8 operating system. However, being a 'copycat' makes no sense in demonstrating our own sovereignty and creativity. Therefore, while letting the audiences have a feel of the modern trend, we make each tile to serve a quick business purpose, that is to allow our visitors to register for public program or to request for in-house training quotation right within the box itself. Besides that, we also deliberately reduce our picture thumbnail size to make it different from many other modern website whereby most of them stretch the image to fill up the entire tile box. We always believe that putting the business purpose in the forefront will not only help to make our design more practical but it may also help leading us to a unique design in a natural way.

  2. No more scolling down for current month Public Training Events Column

    In the past, as we did not possess our own blog, in order to target also on those who have no time to read our blog post, we summarized all the important points at the top of our home page, leading the current month Public Training Events Column to be pushed down to the bottom of the top banner. Now, since we've our own blog site, we're now able to push it up to the top of our home page, making it more easily discoverable than before.

  3. 'Home Page' is a Home Page, not a Blog

    As described above, Home 3.0 is no longer a blog but a real legitimate 'Home Page'. Instead, our featured blog will only appear as a main headline overlayed on top of the banner. When the users click on the blog title, it will lead them to that particular post on our blog site. In fact, this is part of the intention for us to create our new blog site, that is to make this Home 3.0 possible.

  4. Newly available Public Programs no longer known only by Social Followers

    Before Home 3.0, whenever there are new public programs available on our website, we only made a quick announcement on our social networks like Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Now, even though you're not following us on our social networks, you'll also be well-aware of those newly available public programs that you may potentially required to attend. By clicking on the Register Now button, you're allowed to make a quick reservation online. To view a complete details of a particular event, such as pricing, available discounts and promotions, you can click on More Info before deciding whether to register or not to register.

    Typically, newly available public programs are usually being published one to three months ahead from the event start date. If in case there is a new short-noticed public program to be held in current month, to save space, we will only publish it under the current month Public Training Events column. Therefore, we're still encouraging our site visitors to follow us on our social networks in order not to miss any important training opportunities, including change of training schedule, change of course contents, and many other important site updates.

  5. Recently added new courses for each Training Category are now visible to everyone

    Likewise, the same goes to our newly available courses offered by our I'mTP members. This section will be divided by training category in order to target on different user interests. But unlike the newly available public programs section, the courses listed here allow users to request for in-house training quotation rather than performing an online registration. They will appear as part of the newly available public programs when the training provider has organized one.

  6. More other future plans

    Sometimes, not all training categories will have new courses available — although the listing may last for the maximum of two months long in order to ensure enough number of awareness for every newly available course. After all new courses of a particular training category have reached their display expiry date, the entire section will be removed from the home page — we just can't consider them as "new" when they had been published for more than two months old. Therefore, in future, more other sections may be created, like Newly Updated Course Contents, Most Viewed Blog Posts etc. However, we consider these as lower priority compared to the newly available public and in-house courses because we do not want to make our home page ridiculously long and crowded, which on the other hand harming the loading performance of the page.

This is just a Beginning

While large amount of effort and resources had been invested on Home 3.0, this is just a beginning of our design plan in bringing your course hunting experience to a higher level. Some most anticipated new changes will be the drop-down menus at the top of the page and the revamp of Training Courses Page. Be sure to follow us on our social networks for more exciting future updates!

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