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Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

Training Demand Dropped: Malaysian Government Budget Allocation the One to Blame?

• Date: site traffic had been dropped since early 2013. Is Google algorithm change the one to blame or Malaysian government budget allocation on training could be part of the cause? Read more...

Just as we thought the dropping of our site traffic was purely caused by Google Panda & Penguin change alone, after performing a further research, we discovered that Google might not be the only one who responsible for the traffic drop but the allocation of Malaysian government budget on training could also be the one. If you look at the graph generated by Google Trends below, you'll notice that keyword searches related to training in Malaysia had been tremendously declined since year 2004 until present day:

Malaysia Training Related Search Trends

But one question may arise: Could this be a global trend or only Malaysia alone is affected? Therefore, we make another graph for Singapore and United States respectively on the same keywords shown below:

Singapore Training Related Search Trends

United States Training Related Search Trends

As you can see, Singapore and United States are not that worse compared to Malaysia — it has to be something to do with local government policy on human resource development initiatives. Among these 3 countries, you can see that US has the most stable trend on training and courses vs. certification are almost coming together. Perhaps this could be one of the reasons why they're more advance than us.

This morning, I saw an article in The Star Online: What SMEs want from budget and bingo! — The first item being listed by The Star is: More allocation for vocational education. From here, we can see that the decline of's site traffic is not purely caused by Google algorithm change but also partly due to Malaysian government's budget allocation in encouraging people skills development. Yes, HRDF is still available, but I also heard some rumours saying that some schemes had been freezed due to certain change of internal management. You guys might need to do your own investigation to ascertain this. Feel free to update me through the comment below if you have a right answer for this. But if all HRDF schemes are still actively available, why people still asking for vocational education budget for the coming 25th October 2013 budget announcement?


Undeniably, human resource development is not a cheap investment. Just a single person attending a short 2-day course already costing the participant or the subsidised employer thousand over dollars. For a 4- to 5-day certification training like Project Management Professional (PMP), it already costs about RM3000 to RM4000 per person. Without substantial financial aid from the government (which also came from the taxation of the people), SMEs in particular may not be able to afford such investment costs and rather, they prefer to provide on-the-job training conducted by their own internal senior and experienced staffs whenever possible. As such, attending external training programs will become a lower priority when comes to managing costs. This isn't only impact on the development of an organization but also the entire country as a whole. You just can't transform a nation into an advanced country by filling up the country with low competency citizens — this is a common sense. If one not even possessing a common sense, then not to mention about having the ability to manage a country.

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