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Date: Thursday, March 20, 2014

Author: Antonio Ooi

New Email Templates for your Better Online Training Request Experience

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Improving your online training request experience with our new email auto-responder and notification templates.

When we just started our online service, we only took the default email template from our online form provider as our email notification template. It was used to send notifications to our I'MTP members, informing them about the new training request from a specific site visitor. For in-house training request, the requestors didn't even have a reference copy for themselves after submitting their request. When ones become too busy with their work, they can't even remember what they had sent few days ago. Furthermore, sending a reference copy back to the users is in fact a basic feature that we should incorporate and we neglected it. Earlier, only online public training registration requests were given an auto-responder that contained their registration information as we thought that it is necessary for the participants to remember the training event that they need to attend several weeks later. Now, with our new email auto-responder and notification system, you can have it all (see the sample screenshot below)!