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Date: Monday, August 19, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

Finally, our Official Blog is here!

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Find out why we launched this blog and learn how we make this blog a better alternative to our social posts.

What's wrong with purely relying on Social Networks without a Blog?

It's had been more than a year since we started in November 2011, but we never had a proper blog site for ourselves until today. In the past, we only blogged for the most major announcements of our site and made whichever the latest as our Home Page. As we also realized the importance of the design compellingness of the home page, it became more costly for us to constantly post a new blog and replace it as our new home page. Due to this reason, we began to utilize our social networks, such as Facebook and Google+, for our minor and moderate announcements. Posting valuable announcements and sharing thought provoking insights with our followers via social networks may be good, but with some limitations:

  1. Publicly less discoverable

    Publicly less discoverable

    In search engines, social posts like Facebook status announcements are hardly searchable. As such, it is hard to reach an expected minimum number of right audiences unless you have at least one thousand of followers in your network. If we make those messages available on the blog, however, not only they're discoverable through search engines, they can be shared by others who are outside our social networks, e.g. those who have yet to follow our Facebook page and those who are on different social network like Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Digg etc.

  2. Limited ways to present reference links

    Limited ways to present reference links

    On typical social network like Facebook, besides posting a link and tagging the pages you're following, you can't create a user-readable text link for your audiences to click through. Placing long hyperlinks all over your post description makes your post messy and not readable. As a result, we often use tiny URL or URL shortening tools to shorten it before posting. By having our own blog, all these will become possible as we no longer need to write lengthy description on each social post — it's all in the blog with well-formatted link text!

  3. If you miss it, you may no longer aware of it

    If you miss it, you may no longer aware of it

    Some social postings could be the main interest of certain followers but they just missed it simply because they didn't login for several days or the social feed was too crowded with other posts until the one that we posted was being pushed down at the very bottom of the feed. But by having it available on blog, we still have a chance to make it noticeable by those audiences through search engines because people use to search for what interest them the most. In addition, they might be able to discover our posts while surfing our blog site. Blog is truly a good alternative to social posts.

  4. Not a good way to manage knowledge

    Not a good way to manage knowledge

    Sometimes, we posted thought provoking and insightful contents on our social networks; but those useful contents that may require constant repeat viewing and referencing are not conveniently searchable and retrievable. Good knowledge is meant for people to perform their study and research, but if it is hard to be recalled, then it is not easing that area of interest and serves little to no purpose to the community as well as the society. In training industry in particular, knowledge management is vastly important for a training provider to effectively sell their profession and demonstrate their ability to deliver. Although we're not a training provider (but our members are), we also need to demonstrate our passion in this industry in order to orchestrate well with the entire community.

  5. Not a good mean to present and read your articles

    Not a good mean to present and read your articles

    As many of you know, besides not being able to create a link text, the social post does not allow you to bold, italic, bullet, and enlarge your text for higher readability. Unless you create a Facebook Note, but again, there are still many limitations on Facebook Note, such as creating text link and image link.

Based on the above five reasons, we finally decided to launch our blog site in complementing the above limitations and weaknesses. However, that doesn't mean we will no longer share more posts on our social networks. Instead, each time we posted a new blog, we will share it with our fans and get them notified through our social networks too; the only difference is that — those who stay outside our networks still be able to discover our posts via search engines and potentially, other social media, forums and websites that beyond our imagination.

We hope that those who had been following us for quite some time will find this news interesting and exciting, as they also have a new way to catch up with us without being restricted by their timing in checking out their Facebook feed. Be expecting for more posts from us on our new blog site! Stay tuned!

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