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Date: Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

Released: Course Category Browsing 3.5

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It's not your eyesight or short-term memory problem — it's our design problem. Introducing Course Category Browsing 3.5 with Section Repeat Column Title.

The Problem

As we released Course Category Browsing 3.0, we did not aware of the short-coming of our design as we know too well about our own site. In a long list of training courses like Soft Skills, we finally realized that the column titles only appeared once, that is at the top most of the page, while the courses had been broken down into numerous sections by subcategory in a collapsible manner. By the time the users scroll down somewhere in the middle or bottom of the page, the column titles were no longer visible to them. Therefore, whoever started their browsing at the middle of the page may not know exactly what purpose that each column was for. This is particularly true when the users' first action was to click on the In-house tab of which the page will automatically scroll down to the beginning part of the in-house program listing section.

Date: Thursday, September 12, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

Introducing Public Training Event Column Extension

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We know what you're thinking when you've reached to the bottom of the event list...

After launching our current month Public Training Event Column for a couple of months, we aware that some may stop at the bottom of the event list when they could not find anything suitable to be attended in the current month — "How about next month?"

Although we do have a whole year training calendar under our training category program listing page (e.g. Soft Skills, HR & Business Management etc.), those who're new may not aware of it and therefore not even bother to click on it. To facilitate such learning and to increase awareness of our training calendar's availability, we've added this extended box at the bottom of our Public Training Event Column: "View Next Month Public Programs". This extended box contains links to our training calendar of each training category. Not only that, by clicking on it, it will jump directly to the Next Month section of the calendar without having to scroll down for further discovery.

We hope you will find this new improvement interesting and make more sense to your course searching experience. To give you a hint, there will be more bigger improvement happening to our Home Page in the coming months. Be sure to set our Facebook Page to notify you for our new posts!

Happy course hunting! :)

Date: Thursday, September 5, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

Website Grant Worth RM1000 by Malaysia Government (SKMM)

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Free website grant worth RM1,000 to be given away by Malaysia government (Get Malaysian Business Online, SKMM) to qualified small business owners! Apply now!

Website Grant by Get Malaysian Business Online (GMBO) Program

Date: Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

Designing Favicon & Logo for Effective Branding and Online Marketing

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Content Summary:

  • What is Favicon? Why is it a BIG DEAL?
  • Strategically Plan for your Logo Design for Publication Diversity and Maximum Branding Result — 5 Strategies.
  • Designing your Favicon using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and Make It Work for your Web

What is Favicon? Why is it a Big Deal?

What is Favicon?

If you're our regular site visitor, you may notice that we've changed our Favicon for our website since the day we launched our new blog site in August 2013. As shown in the picture above, Favicon is a small little icon that appears on your site visitor's web browser tab and bookmark.

So what is the big deal of this small little icon?