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Date: Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

Released: Course Category Browsing 3.5

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It's not your eyesight or short-term memory problem — it's our design problem. Introducing Course Category Browsing 3.5 with Section Repeat Column Title.

The Problem

As we released Course Category Browsing 3.0, we did not aware of the short-coming of our design as we know too well about our own site. In a long list of training courses like Soft Skills, we finally realized that the column titles only appeared once, that is at the top most of the page, while the courses had been broken down into numerous sections by subcategory in a collapsible manner. By the time the users scroll down somewhere in the middle or bottom of the page, the column titles were no longer visible to them. Therefore, whoever started their browsing at the middle of the page may not know exactly what purpose that each column was for. This is particularly true when the users' first action was to click on the In-house tab of which the page will automatically scroll down to the beginning part of the in-house program listing section.

The Solution

To increase the awareness of the column title for each course attribute and to increase the intuitiveness of our site design, we've introduced Section Repeat Column Title concept in our version 3.5 release. By expanding every section for every training calendar month or subcategory under the in-house program listing, the column titles will appear at the first row of each section. As such, the users will never miss the column titles and lose their clue in associating each course attribute with each column title. Another beauty of this new feature is that, when users close section, the column titles will also be hidden, making the entire list clean and tidy.


As a human being, we tend to look at things as "who we are" instead of "what they are", based on our own knowledge level and perception. Through web design, we learned to put away our own ego, step back and start looking at things in a whole new way with an empty mind in order to take a feel of what our design truly appears to be in the eyes of a fresh people.

Of course, there are still plenty of rooms for us to improve in many aspects of our website. We'll never stop improving it as we move on because is our passion to inspire you throughout your career journey for a better and healthier future of Malaysia...

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