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Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

I'mTP 3.0: No more "Grrrggghh" for keep failing your Final Q&A Test!

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"Grrrggghh" for keep failing our Q&A Test?
— We think you would love this! ^^

Dear Training Providers, we know some of you were almost going crazy by keep failing our Final Q&A Test due to not knowing which questions you have done wrong — Don't worry! In the coming I'mTP 3.0, we'll make it a little bit easier for you (see picture below)! ^^

Our original intention is to avoid the applicants from blindly guessing for the answers (and still got it right!) without showing their willingness to fully understand our service terms and cause some unwanted future disputes later on.

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I'mTP is an UNIQUE internet marketing service model that is NOT TYPICAL across the Internet. Therefore, it requires more reading for you to discover its beauty and "magic" in order for you to get the most out of it. If you join us just to take us as another typical Internet marketing channel of yours, not only you will not be able to take full advantage of it but we also can't afford to take in new members that don't really appreciate and understand what we're doing — Because we have 'Population & Competition Control Policy' for the benefits of all parties, including training consumers, not just you!

With the coming new feature of this Q&A Test, you'll have the question numbers of which you got them wrong listed as links. You can click on the link to quickly jump that particular question and try again. Once a different answer is selected, we will immediately tell you which are the questions that are still wrong. If you got one of them right, that question number will no longer appear at the result section, leaving only those that are wrong listed. We hope you will find it easier to pass without compromise your understanding to the most crucial part of our service model.

Thank you and wait for the final release of I'mTP 3.0 in the coming month! Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more exciting updates or get us to notify you through our teaser page! ^^