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Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

We have a new Tagline!

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As our reputation gradually growth, our tagline has no longer SEO-oriented but Brand-oriented without sacrificing the needs for both SEO and users...

Some background history about our old tagline...

When we just started, we were not famous and reputable enough to attract more visitors, therefore, making every step to be SEO-oriented was our key strategy to gain market awareness. If you refer to our old tagline below:

“Your most compelling online source for your corporate training hunting experience in Malaysia!”

You may notice that the keywords online, corporate training, and Malaysia have to be there. Once they're being placed on the header of our website, they will be repeatedly appeared across all pages on and therefore multiplying the density of those keywords at the domain level. In addition to this, this old tagline was also being used as our Meta Description for our Home Page just to prove to Google that it does exist and visible to the site visitors, not just to please the search engine. This is how our old tagline came about.

When Google's algorithm changed, our marketing focus also changed

But since the day Google had tremendously changed their search engine algorithm (Google Panda & Penguin) to favor top industrial brands, we no longer put much effort on SEO but more towards brand building and user experience enhancements. If you found us quite often on Google search results, you may notice that our search result title had been changed to:

Some Course Title -

instead of:

Some Course Title - Training Courses Malaysia

As you can see, we no longer put too much focus on keywords but brand, the same goes to our new tagline and more other aspects on in future.

About the new tagline

Far before we launched our new Home 3.0, we already thought of this new tagline:

“Bringing your course hunting experience to the next level.”

The reason is because constant improvement is our culture (as you can see from the series of site updates from our Blog Archive sidebar). We enjoy what we do, and we will continue doing it whether or not we've become unrivaled — we won't stop there. We won't be dictated by our competitors — we're dictated by our own passion, our own will to be what we wanted to be but not how our competitors indirectly shape us to be. We have our own goal and agenda for and we will stick to our own goal and plan until we've reached our desired destination. We keep following our own philosophy, principles, and beliefs to run our business on — We're who we are.

About the tagline, there is always "the next level" for us to achieve as there is no limit to our human potential and creativity. As we try not to keep changing our tagline in the subsequent future, we hope that our new tagline will become more lasting as we always have the "next level" to achieve. We hope that you'll like it too. Thank you. :)

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