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Date: Monday, November 11, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

Happy Birthday to and Welcome to I'MTP 3.0!

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As turns 2 years old on her 2nd anniversary, our I'MTP also turn 3.0 on 11.11.2013! Find out what I'MTP 3.0 mean to you and the training providers in Malaysia!

Happy Birthday to! ^^

On 11 Nov 2012 last year, we launched our I'MTP 2.0; this year 11 Nov 2013, although didn't plan in purpose, we realized that we're actually going to repeat what we were doing last year, that is to launch our I'MTP 3.0 on our 2nd anniversary in 2013! We had already thought of fine-tuning our I'MTP service modal once again since Sep 2013 in order to balance the growth of our member population across training categories, but we never thought of launching it on our 2nd anniversary until it was getting nearer to Nov 2013: "Oh ya! Why not we launch it at 11 Nov once again?!" — So here comes the launching of our I'MTP 3.0 on 11.11.2013, once again. ^^