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Date: Monday, November 11, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

Happy Birthday to and Welcome to I'MTP 3.0!

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As turns 2 years old on her 2nd anniversary, our I'MTP also turn 3.0 on 11.11.2013! Find out what I'MTP 3.0 mean to you and the training providers in Malaysia!

Happy Birthday to! ^^

On 11 Nov 2012 last year, we launched our I'MTP 2.0; this year 11 Nov 2013, although didn't plan in purpose, we realized that we're actually going to repeat what we were doing last year, that is to launch our I'MTP 3.0 on our 2nd anniversary in 2013! We had already thought of fine-tuning our I'MTP service modal once again since Sep 2013 in order to balance the growth of our member population across training categories, but we never thought of launching it on our 2nd anniversary until it was getting nearer to Nov 2013: "Oh ya! Why not we launch it at 11 Nov once again?!" — So here comes the launching of our I'MTP 3.0 on 11.11.2013, once again. ^^

For Training Consumers

— “Yes, I'MTP is for training providers, but what it means to training consumers like you?”

All courses that you found on came from our I'MTP members. I'MTP stands for Internet Marketing for Training Providers. It was being created to help local small-medium training providers to gain equal competitive advantage with other larger training companies who are capable of optimizing their own websites for Search Engine Marketing via their own in-house web development and SEO teams, or financially capable enough to hire 3rd party digital marketing agent to fine-tune their website for optimum performance in search engines as well as social media.

...we attempt to step in for such provider-consumer alignment: The Passion of those who want to teach and the Motivation of those who want to learn.

Those small-medium training providers who are not really being well-aware by the public in search engines and social media don't mean that they're incompetent in delivering high quality effective training programs to their audiences. This is because they're not specialized in online marketing, neither it is their priority to spend their limited resources on expensive internet marketing strategies except their training related deliverables — this is why came about, and hence our absolutely affordable performance-based I'MTP services.

I'MTP isn't only designed to assist local small-medium training providers to be equally competitive in the digital age, it is also designed to put training consumers at the top priority in terms of course and training provider searching experience. As greater and greater web design trend and development technologies emerged, we discovered that very few of our local training providers are actually capable of taking advantage of such technologies to meet the consumer's needs. When none are willing to revolutionize this culture, training consumers in Malaysia will continue to suffer with low compelling online experience, forcing their eyes to move backward while attempting to move forward with their skills and knowledge for work quality improvement and career advancement — We feel that there is a great sign of contradiction here and this is why we attempt to step in for such provider-consumer alignment: The Passion of those who want to teach and the Motivation of those who want to learn. Therefore, is for those training providers who believe we can help to express their passion well in terms of training delivery and for those training consumers who believe we can motivate them better in searching for courses that they need.

In align with this philosophical goal, the main purpose of I'MTP 3.0 is to fine-tune the membership application modal and procedures in such a way that it helps to balance the availability of both courses and training providers in other training categories, not just Soft Skills and Business Management. Its goal is to increase the diversity of courses and training providers in HR Management, Health & Safety, and Manufacturing Operation, making them as highly available as our Soft Skills training courses. As such, your job to search for right courses from right number of training providers will become more efficient and productive.

If you would like to get informed of newly available training providers and courses on, feel free to follow us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn for our future updates.

For Training Providers

— “Those who contribute to the balance of the ecosystem deserve to be rewarded.”

Let us address the membership application difficulty first...

In the earlier version of I'MTP, many training providers were interested to join us, but due to the difficulty in applying, especially in the aspect of passing their Final Q&A Test, many of them finally gave up. Yes, that was a deliberate design, but it wasn't really that difficult for those who really want to help themselves to understand our services better before we can help them to succeed. We experienced many who simply rushed themselves to join us just for the sake of having their courses to appear all over the Internet without even bother to understand how our service works; at the end, some disputes and misunderstanding happened: "I didn't know you have such rules!" This is why our membership application procedures ended up with such design, and yes, some managed to successfully applied without any single assistance from us. As a result, not only we were able to get in new members who meet our basic expectation, they also happy to work with the way we offered them — this is in fact a win-win situation to both parties.

But coming back to the issue in passing our Final Q&A Test, yes, not telling the applicants which questions they got it wrong was a bit difficult for those who attempt to correct their answer. Even though they already have in mind which questions were being answered wrongly, it was also difficult to locate back the questions as nobody can remember the question number except to rescan through the whole list of question again — this we can understand. Therefore, with I'MTP 3.0, we'll be showing you the question numbers that contain wrong answer. The question numbers will appear as links so that you can easily click on each link to jump to that particular question for correction. Once the answer is corrected, the system will immediately gives you a new list of question number that is still wrong (see screenshot below).

I'MTP 3.0 List of Wrong Questions Numbers

However, this solution has a drawback: applicants can still do a blind trial and error to get all the answers correct without having to read through our service terms and policies. But such trial and error may still cause an unpleasant experience to the applicants if too many questions have been answered wrongly, which may lead to those who lack of patience to finally give up. Our bottom-line is to make sure you understand before you join to avoid any future unwanted circumstances, so that we can work closely and happily together in reaching our mutual goal. Thus, we hope that even when you do your trial and error, at least read the answer that you've chosen so that you can at least give yourself a chance to understand some of the most important parts of our service model.

Introducing 100% Start-up Bonus Challenge!

As we mentioned in the training consumer section above, one of the major changes of I'MTP 3.0 is to emphasize on the balancing growth of our member population across all training categories. To encourage more training providers who specialize in HR Management, Health & Safety, and Manufacturing Operation to apply, we offer them an attractive bonus reward whereby if they managed to contribute 20 unique courses in any of these three categories, they will be able to earn additional bonus credit that is 100% of their start-up prepaid cost, namely, they can actually make their start-up cost almost FREE! For example, if you're a corporate member who specialize in HR Management and Health & Safety and you're able to submit 10 HR Management courses in the first 30 days followed by another 10 courses for Health & Safety in another 30 days, you're entitled to earn RM250.00 bonus credits as part of your start-up credit balance. In other words, you'll have a total of RM500.00, which include your RM250.00 first-time payment, as your total start-up credit balance. Of course, all bonus credits awarded by us are not refundable; you can only consume them for your business growth with I'MTP, which in turn reducing your marketing cost and increase your ROI. For more information about our 100% Start-up Bonus Challenge, click here.

Other Changes in I'MTP 3.0

To cut the blog short, other than the above major updates, I would rather quickly run through with you the rest of the changes that had been made to I'MTP 3.0. You can also easily spot those changes through our full detail and sign-up page by identifying the badge shown below:

I'MTP 3.0 Revised & Updated Badge
  • Alternate Week Course Submission Policy had been temporarily discarded. Since 16 July 2013, we no longer implement Alternate Week Course Submission Policy that restricts number of courses allowed to be submitted by members. This is due to the fact that many website traffic performance had been dropped when Google started to change their search engine algorithm. Temporarily discarding this policy is our strategy to recover the traffic volume by allowing members to increase their number of courses to target on more audiences.
  • I'MTP Population & Competition Control Policy. Number of courses required to occupy a training category slot has been increased from 1 to 5. This is to ensure only those who have the minimum strength in a particular category are allowed to occupy the slot but not those who can only offer less than 5 courses. This will in turn freeing more slots for those who are more specialize in that particular category to join in rather than being blocked by those who are weaker than them in that category.
  • Commercial Arts category has been temporarily closed for new applications. Due to certain special characteristics of commercial arts training that requires special approach to be taken care of, we've temporarily closed it and not accepting new members in this category until further notice.
  • Soft Skills and Business Management are now reserved for applicants who also specialize in HR Management, Health & Safety, and Manufacturing Operation. In order to balance the growth of population across training categories, applicants who purely specialize in soft skills or business management or both will no longer be accepted unless they also specialize in the other three categories as mentioned.
  • Clicking the 'Apply' button no longer require to login to Facebook. Due to certain technical problems on certain browsers, we've removed our membership application form integration with Facebook. However, members still required to possess an active Facebook account in order to access certain functionalities of our I'MTP Subscriber Central. In addition to this, members are also encouraged to have some fundamental exposure to popular social media like Facebook in order for them to keep track of our social promotion activities to their courses and to reshare our posts with their audiences.

Final Conclusion

As you can see, I'MTP is not for someone who simply want to spam their courses across the entire Internet, which can only end up being treated by Google as 'spammy contents' of which it hurts Google search result quality with tons of duplication, neither this is good for training consumers as well. If I'MTP members are not carefully selected, not only it may harm our brand image in the training community, it also brings no results to those who pay us to boost their leads generation performance. Apparently, I'MTP is not for every training provider as different business owners may have their own preferences and beliefs in doing business. Therefore, in align with our population & competition control policy, we welcome those like-minded business owners to join us as part of the team and together, we share our common passion with those who believe in us! Be sure to head over to our quick tour and white paper if you've not done so!

Welcome to I'MTP 3.0 and Happy Birthday to! :)

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