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Date: Thursday, December 5, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

Home 3.1 Update: Now Showing Current & Next Month Public Training Events

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No more short notice on events to be held at the beginning of the month.

In fact, when we first rolled out our Home 3.0, we had already aware of one problem with our Current Month Public Training Events Column: Those events to be held in the beginning of the month were always appeared short notice and did not make sense to the users. Until recently, as one of our members, Culture Dynamics, also reminded us about the same issue, we decided to address it once and for all.

Our solution is to show two months training events, that is current and next month events rather than just current month. By doing this, although events to held in the beginning of December 2013 are still facing the same problem, it will no longer be a problem in the subsequent future, at least for Jan 2014 onwards. The reason is that, by every end of the current month, we will be removing the current month events and appending the events for the month after next month as shown in the following example:

At the end of December 2013, we will:

  1. Remove Dec 2013 events
  2. Make Jan 2014 as current month
  3. Append Feb 2014 as next month events
  4. Repeat the same by end of Jan 2014
Home 3.1 Month Separator

As you can see, users will always be able to aware of those events to be held in the beginning of the month for at least 1 month early notice: At the beginning of Dec 2013, Jan 2014 events have already been shown; at the beginning of Jan 2014, Feb 2014 events have already been shown and so on. In addition to this, a clear month separator has also been created so that users can easily skip to the next month event list (see screenshot on your right).

As for the old View Next Month Events Box, we've changed its description that signals the users to view more other public training events by training category. Keep in mind that our members may also have events to be held far beyond next month, e.g. Mar, Apr, and May 2014.

Earlier, we did not do this was because two-month event list was too long. If this happens in the future, we may consider showing half of the next month events and showing the other half by the end of the current month when we began to append the events of the month beyond next month.

The major difference between this Homepage's Public Training Events Column and our category-based training calendar is that, category-based training calendars are more comprehensive, have events beyond next month, and of course, filtered by training category; whereas the Homepage's Public Traiing Events Column is to help increase awareness on those training events that are very near from now — This is the idea.

We'll continue to monitor the effectiveness of this new arrangement and make further improvements as necessary. We hope that you'll find this new design helpful and makes greater sense to you than before. Thank you!

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