All Your Lead Generation Online Forms are Now Collaborative Social Actions


"All your lead generation online forms have been converted to collaborative social actions -- same forms with higher value-added services for better responsiveness and customer relationship management!"

When creating your CloudWorms PDF Viewer, MTN Web Store App gives you an option to create your own custom Call-to-Action button. This customization allows you to select an action to perform when the button is clicked:

Figure 1 - Customizing Call-to-Action button with MTN Web Store App.

Before this July 2023 update, all your online forms defined by your call-to-action button were merely sent as email to your mailbox when your customer clicks on the 'Submit' button. Now, not only an email will be sent to you when you've received a new business request, you can immediately go to your Social Log and send a quick reply through the real-time private business chat feature on MTN Web Store App. In the meantime, this will also be added to your TO-DO list in your Social Log. In other words, they're still the same online forms with higher value-added services to you and your customers.

Figure 2 - Call-to-Action online forms now as Social Actions.

If you're still unclear about how the MTN Social Actions can benefit you and your customers, be sure to watch our video here:

Our Next Update

Our next update is to offer a Social Invite feature where you can:

  • Upload and manage your own mailing list and earn Community Support Points for each email uploaded.
  • Send out social invites by using your contact list and earn more Community Support Points.
  • Earn more Community Support Points when those you've invited have signed-up with MTN Web Store App.
  • When those corporate accounts who invited by you have signed up and made a top-up payment, you'll be able to earn certain percentage of the top-up amount as your free credits. This will be recurring each time they've made a top-up payment.
  • Share your contact list with MTN related accounts such as MTN and OTK Web Solutions (owner and developer of MTN) so that we can assist you for customer follow-up, such as informing them of new features and services available on MTN Web Store, reminding them about your invitation etc. By doing so, you can earn more reward points and spend them for our future purpose without having you to spend real money, such as exchanging your Community Support Points for Free Credits, temporarily increase your free quota on certain services and so on. Note that we will not share or sell your contact list with other MTN users or any external parties. 
In future, with your mailing list, we'll offer a new feature called Newsletter Management where you can send out newsletters in order to promote the CloudWorms PDF Viewers that you have published or your Web Store Profile. For those free MTN personal accounts, you can unlock your Freelancer Web Store Profile and start promoting your freelance services for free by simply spending your reward points and free credits that you've earned.

We hope you're excited by the news. We'll keep you posted once the above features have been rolled out Stay tuned!