MTN Web Store just got a New Facelift


"Meet the MTN Web Store new UI: New sidebar, less wordy, and easier navigation."

In our previous post, we promised to deliver the new Social Invite feature where all MTN users can earn Community Support Reward Points to exchange for free credits and for MTN Personal accounts, they can unlock certain new features to promote their freelance services. But before that, as it may take longer time to design and develop, we prefer to improve the UI and UX of our existing MTN Web Store first and foremost before more new users can be invited for a better first impression -- this will help your invitations to become more successful with higher conversion and more reward points to the inviters.

In this new release, let us introduce to you some of the noteworthy new improvements that we have made on MTN Web Store:

Meet the New Sidebar

As the content categories have increased to a greater coverage, we think it is time to create a category sidebar for easy navigation. This category sidebar has the following features:

  • Expandable and collapsible when the up and down arrow button is clicked.
  • Total item count is displayed on the right of each category name.
  • When a category or subcategory item is selected, its display order on the sidebar will be moved to the top when the page is loaded. This provides a convenient way for the user to browse for more other relevant subcategory items without having to move down to the sidebar again.
But due to the limited screen size of the smartphone, this new sidebar is only available to desktop users.

In fact, the addition of this sidebar isn't just for better user experience, it's also for better SEO as well. Although it is not available on mobile phone and may not meet the Google Mobile First requirement, we believe it still has some contributions to the ranking factors of desktop search. The links on this sidebar are important for search engines to understand the structure of our site and the internal flow of it.

The New CloudWorms Pricing Page

As you can see on the right screenshot, the new CloudWorms Pricing Page no longer as wordy as before. It's now more graphical and much simplified than the older version. It's now easier to understand and less confusing. Some visitors may think that even viewing the page costs them money -- No, only the corporate users who published the page will be charged for RM0.80 when a customer is viewing their page. However, please note the term Unique Page View (UPV), this means that repeat viewing by the same visitor in the same session on the same page will not be repeatedly charged for RM0.80 -- the RM0.80 will only charge once.

The New MTN Web Store App's Introductory Page

Likewise, the new app introductory page is also less wordy now. Since we've created two great videos that explain our services and app pretty well, why not make full use of them in replacing the lengthy text? So, these two videos are now the key contents of the page.

The New Sign-in Page

Recently, based on our study on Google Analytics, we discovered that our User Sign-in Page has become one of our highest hit pages. We later noticed that the sign-up rate has not been that high because our sign-in page has no Sign-up link or button that takes the user to the Sign-up Page. Now, you got it! In the new sign-in page, we've placed one sign-up link below the page title and another sign-up button next to the Forgot Password button (see screenshot).

With the new design, we believe this will help our upcoming Social Invite marketing campaign to be more successful. If no discovery of new critical bugs, we'll proceed to the development as we promised in our previous post. Just follow us on Facebook and wait for our good news! Meanwhile, do not wait for the new feature to be released, feel free to sign-up now and get yourself familiar with MTN Web Store App prior to the release!