Testing Our New e-Learning Centre in this COVID-19 Pandemic

MalaysiaTraining.net e-Learning Resource Centre

In response to this unprecedented coronavirus pandemic and the dramatical drop of training business due to this outbreak in particular, we have started an experimental testing by developing our new e-Learning Centre in order to help the training community to sustain in this dilemma. Undoubtedly, many training providers, especially to those who have never been offering any online training before, have began to explore and venture into e-Learning platform. In view to this reason, as an internet marketer in this community, we should start looking at the needs of this critical trend and try to help as much as we can, which of course, to help MalaysiaTraining.net to survive as well.

How we define 'Online Learning'

For 'online learning', our definition is simple: "Anything that can be learned online", including when we read a COVID-19 related article online. Sounds overwhelming? -- Yes, this is why we need to be very selective when offering any learning contents to our site visitors in order to ensure our fellow Malaysians can be empowered by truthful and healthy contents and not deluded by disinformation.

Therefore, to us, 'online learning' doesn't necessary only mean interactive online training with sophisticated e-learning platform and technology -- we learn as we read; we learn as we observe, may it be online or offline. Furthermore, in our opinion, expensive online training courses can be very hard to sell at this moment when the overall purchasing power and spending capability are very low. Therefore, we suggest offering something simple and low cost, e.g. break your online training into several smaller yet practical sessions and assign a smaller price on each of them. Students are free to continue at different timing convenient to them. After completing the whole series, then the students can claim for their certificate -- something like an installment basis with high agility, isn't it great? Online training courses with thousand over dollars to three thousands one-off per person may be harder to sell in this difficult time.

However, PSMB does offer Prihatin package for e-Learning courses that meet their requirements. You can find the latest PDF circular from our Online Learning Centre.

Our Phase 1 Experiment

In our phase 1 experiment, we start with mainly on providing authentic COVID-19 related information from only the trusted sources, such as government agencies, reputable local and international NGOs and online communities, that visitors could learn to help them overcoming challenges during this disastrous moment. In this phase, we will observe how the community reacts to this newly created online learning centre, including the site traffic and the visitors' behaviors that we collected through Google Analytics. If the result is positive, including the site traffic performance that meets our expectation, then we will proceed to the next phase by offering qualified training providers (e.g. HRDF registered) to post their e-learning courses on our e-Learning Centre.

Of course, to ensure the data that we collect will be meaningful for decision making, our Online Learning Centre, although still in the experimental stage, has to be fully optimized for SEO, otherwise we just can't assume that the community has not yet ready for e-learning, which could actually due to low performing of SEO, mobile friendliness, page load speed, and other factors. As for the richness of content, we will keep adding more useful learning resources for more other categories as we move on.

What you can do now

The following are what you can do now to help each other for mutual success and sustainability in the e-learning arena:
  1. If you're a HRDF registered training provider and you have some e-learning courses to offer, feel free to post it on the comment below so that we can study various types of e-learning structures and come up with a marketing solution that fits to all.
  2. If you do not have a compellingly designed training brochure for you to compete in the e-learning online marketplace like our Online Learning Centre, you can explore our Web Store for better quality training brochure templates at your disposal.
  3. If you do not have an online storage to store your PDF training brochures, you should start looking at free cloud storage like Google Drive (usually comes with your Gmail account), Microsoft OneDrive (usually comes with your hotmail account), DropBox etc.
  4. If you are interested to join our Online Learning Centre once it is officially available to the training providers, please follow us on Facebook to get notified on our future announcements.
Last but not least, #stayhome, #staysafe, and let's get started!