5 Free Online Learning Resources Added: Why are they so PROMINENT?

5 Free Online Learning Resources added to our e-Learning Resource Centre
5 Free Online Learning Resources added to our e-Learning Resource Centre

On June 17, 2020, we posted on Facebook about the 5 free online learning resources that we just added to our e-Learning Resource Centre, but why are they so important to you, not only to college students but also to professional training providers and formal education institutions as a whole?

1. edX Online Business Courses

edX is the trusted platform founded by Harvard and MIT. They have more than 20 million learners around the world, associating with majority of top-ranking universities in the world and industry-leading companies. They're global non-profit that attempt to transform traditional education by removing the barriers of cost and location, creating greater opportunities for people in different countries to access to higher quality of education and better career path.

If you explore further with the link given by us, you may notice that many online courses offered by them are free to learn, pay to be certified. We believe this model is not new to them, but perhaps it is still new to many training providers and education institutions in Malaysia, if not all. We strongly encouraged training and education industries in Malaysia to seriously look into this model, especially when great lesson has been learned from the COVID-19 pandemic where many were forced to offer online training courses via internet. One more question from us: Are they trying to lead the world to the "Open Knowledge Society"? -- Think about it.

2. Coursera Online Business Courses

Very much like edX, Coursera is one of the leading online learning platforms for higher education. Around 62 million learners are from different countries around the world, who have been benefited from the courses offered by them. They have more than 200 of the world’s top universities and industry educators partner with them, offering courses, specializations, certificates, and degree programs. As we mentioned just now, many of their courses are also "free to learn, pay to be certified" -- So what is the implication to us now in Malaysia?

3. MDN Web Docs by Mozilla

If you're passionate web developers looking for complete and comprehensive modern web development references and guides, Mozilla's MDN Web Docs is definitely your choice! Their documentations are full of examples and sample codes that demonstrate the true concept behind every programming technique, such as JavaScript Promises and Callback functions. They even consistently put on the illustrative table about the browser compatibility of each API implementation -- this has become part of their documentation standard.

4. google.dev Beta

Although it is still in beta, one of their Firebase tutorials has already helped us to solve one of our tricky programming problems! As the Google that we understand, we believe google.dev could eventually become something bigger than we thought -- would it become one of the major job seeking website for developers in the future? What makes us think that? -- Because of the progress completion badges awarded by them to the users. Perhaps in future, they might want to link it to stackoverflow in order to further prove your skills and your worth in real world before they can offer you a job, who knows?

5. Node.js Tutorial by w3schools

Honestly speaking, although I used to be an experienced .net developer and software architect of Microsoft development platform in the old days, when comes to the modern open source development environment and Node.js in particular, I can only consider myself a 'beginner'. This w3schools has been helping me a lot on the basics and I really want to share it with many other beginners like me. For me, Node.js is important to every developer who want to give himself or herself a chance to make a good fortune out of their skills and change their life -- So let's get started!