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Welcome to our new official blog site

In fact, since the year 2013, our blog site had already been started with the same subdomain, i.e. blog.malaysiatraining.net. But later, we abandoned it due to our over-ambitious idea that brought us too much of maintenance cost. After that, we switched to LinkedIn Pulse for the following reasons:
  1. Majority of our audiences are in LinkedIn as the industries that we are in are closely related, such as Human Resource Management, Professional Training, Public Relations, Job Opportunities, Career Management and so on.
  2. We like the simplicity of LinkedIn's article authoring tool, enabling us to quickly rollout presentable announcement with ease.
  3. It is a good source of backlinks for SEO.

Why moving away from LinkedIn Pulse?

But few years later, we discovered that the SEO performance of our LinkedIn Pulse articles isn't good enough and the internal traffic from LinkedIn itself has not met our expectation. We believe the main reason is that, we have too little control over the technical aspect of SEO on LinkedIn Pulse and secondly, we have limited performance and analytics tracking tools on it. Since Google Blogger has just announced the new version of their Blogger recently, we decided to give it a shot again.

With Blogger, at the very least, we can track its performance and SEO issues via Google Search Console and Google Analytics. After doing some quick tweaks on their Emporio template, you can't believe this is their Google Chrome Lighthouse Benchmarking Result:

Lighthouse Audit Report on Blogger Emporio Template
Lighthouse Audit Report on Blogger Emporio Template

With such a shocking result, that made us decided to completely switch back to Blogger without any further hesitation. Besides, their new feature rich blog authoring tool could also meet the future releases of our new products and services where we might want to share some codes in our future blog posts (see screenshot below).

New Blogger Content Authoring Features
New Blogger Content Authoring Features

What happen to the old LinkedIn Pulse articles then?

We'll leave all our old articles there although we've just copied the most recent two articles over to the new blog site. But for all our future announcements and blog posts, we'll no longer use LinkedIn Pulse. However, we'll still share our new posts created on the new site to our LinkedIn social network.

Any other special reasons why we move back to Blogger?

Yes, sooner this year, we'll be launching a new multi-purpose product, which will not only target on Malaysian market but also internationally. Therefore, awareness within training community alone on LinkedIn network will not be enough. In view of this reason, a more SEO competent approach and strategy has become more important to us than before. We can't disclose much about this new product at this moment, but the lesson that we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic was definitely the key important driver that inspires the creation of this product, that is for sure.

If you're so desperately to find out the secret of this new product, stay tuned with us on Facebook for future updates!