Meet the Whole New MTN Web Store 2022


MTN Web Store 2022
Meet the whole new MTN Web Store -- An ideal organic digital marketing platform for your 2022 business resolution. Learn how to get listed for free!

Surprised? Yes, it is if you visited our old web store before. This is because when we just started developing MTN Web Store and its app for creating CloudWorms PDF Viewers, we did not have enough data to fill up our visionary design. But recently, we're fortunate enough to have the full support from one of our old Classic I'MTP members, who can actually see what many others still unable to visualize: the potential of MTN Web Store and its underlying CloudWorms PDF Viewers. They're Corporate Intelligence Advisors, one of the well established training companies in Sarawak, Malaysia, who have been with us since 19th December 2014 -- A very big thank to them!

What MTN Web Store really is?

MTN Web Store, unlike its predecessor, is a B2B corporate web store designed for non-technical business owners and professionals across all industries (not limited to training providers). It is an organic digital marketing platform that emphasizes on SEO and Conversion-Driven Design rather than the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad marketing that does not have direct responsibility to the conversion effectiveness of your landing page. In PPC marketing, their job is to bring as many clicks as possible to the landing page (or post) chosen by you, but how convertible your landing page really is will be out of their service scope.

In MTN Web Store, not only the marketplace itself is highly optimized for SEO, even your landing page will be our CloudWorms PDF Viewer, which has been carefully crafted by our 10 years digital marketing experience for best SEO and lead generation performance. Best of all, you pay only for RM0.80 fixed rate per Unique Page View (UPV), which includes a professionally design landing page with your viewable and downloadable PDF marketing brochure attached -- why not?

We'll share more with you in the future about the differences between Organic Digital Marketing vs. PPC. For now, let's quickly jump into the what's new of MTN Web Store.

What's New in MTN Web Store 2022?

In this December 2021 release, we focus on the following areas:

  1. Semi Dark Mode Design
  2. Category Browsing of Publisher Items
  3. The New Site Footer

1. Semi Dark Mode User Interface Design

Lately, many of you may have noticed the availability of Dark Mode feature on many websites and web apps. This isn't just a trend to protect your eyes -- this is also the predictable needs by the industry experts, even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, to boost the internet economy at a global scale. In order to increase the time spent on internet per individual, the industry experts realized that they have to do something for the eyes of the people. So here comes the Dark Mode user interface design.

As you can see in the above screenshot, in order to save time and resources, the new MTN Web Store takes the balance between dark and clear mode, making it the default theme so that tentatively, we do not need to spend extra time building the display mode switcher, which can be very time consuming. So might as well, we make this semi dark mode as our natural theme by default. We hope you'll like it.

2. Category Browsing of Publisher Items

MTN Web Store Category Browsing

If you visited the new web store for the first time, you'll see the red colour pop-up balloon, showing you the new features of the current release, we call it What's New Balloon. Dismissing it will not show it to you again unless you've cleared your browser cache and storage.

These what's new balloons show you the following:

  1. Expanding & Collapsing the Category
    By default, the categories will be sorted by the category name alphabetically in ascending order. If you're not interested in a particular category, you can quickly collapse it by clicking the round up-arrow button. Clicking it again will expand the category again. 

  2. Zooming into the Category
    Currently, all publisher items will be presented in each category by default without indicating the subcategory of it. In order to break the category into subcategories, simply click on the category name will do.

  3. Moving up to the Category (Breadcrumb)
    If you want to move back to the parent category, notice that there will be a breadcrumb navigator at the top header (see screenshot below). You can either move back to the parent category or straight right to the homepage. The breadcrumb will only appear when you started to drill down to the category.
MTN Web Store Breadcrumb

3. The New Site Footer

MTN Web Store Site Footer
The new site footer is now full of resources for you to understand better about our digital marketing services, how to get started, and how to get support when problem arises. One of the most important addition that we would like to bring up here is our Free Listing service. As the new web store is now ready to rock, many may be interested in finding out how to get their contents listed too. Therefore, be sure to read through the benefits of our free listing service and find out the eligibility conditions here.

As for the Search Engine Optimization's (SEO) and Social Media Marketing's (SMM) links, they're currently not available because they still have more to be done. Once they're more or less finalized, we can then publish the contents and equip these two labels with the link.

This is just the Beginning

Lastly, we would like to remind you that all the above mentioned are just the beginning of our plan. As we're not funded by any investors (which we prefer it that way), we hope to gain more of your support by just giving our MTN Web Store App and CloudWorms PDF Viewers a spin through our awarded free trial credits upon sign-up. It's always not too late to decide later if our digital marketing services are worth continuing as you're not going to lose anything. We won't ask for your credit card number until you've decided to continue our service with your first top-payment after the free trial. There will be no auto-top-up and no auto-renewal as we will never keep your credit card number. If you still feeling doubtful about the ROI of your PPC ad marketing investments, why not give our Organic Digital Marketing Solution a try and make it your business resolution for the year 2022?

Hope to see you onboard!

"If something is not working, don't repeat it."