Free Online Forms Now Come With CloudWorms PDF Viewers


Learn the new and free online form service that comes with CloudWorms PDF Viewers and how you can take advantage of it for your digital marketing campaigns.

Why Online Form?

Online Form is one of the most important elements in digital marketing. It isn't just for lead generations but also helps marketers to assess the effectiveness of a particular digital marketing solution, such as CloudWorms PDF Viewers. If you do not know where the leads came from, you wouldn't know which part of your investment yield the most ROI.

It's Free!

In our legacy Classic I'MTP service, we've generated thousands of solid leads to our I'MTP members through online forms, helping them to close more deals in a more cost effective way. As our Classic I'MTP online form service is free, we also try our best to make it free for our MTN Web Store App and CloudWorms PDF Viewer users as well.

How to get started?

However, unlike the Classic I'MTP online form service, to submit an online form to our MTN Web Store members, you're required to register a free MTN account for the following reasons:

  1. To ensure the email address given by you is correct and legit. This requires a simple email verification process by checking your email after the registration and click on the given link to verify.
  2. To help you remember your basic information commonly needed by the online forms, e.g. your name, email address, contact number etc.
  3. Once logged in, the online forms will remember you until you've manually signed out or clear your browser cookies.
  4. To enable you to sign-in to MTN Web Store App and enjoy the new features once available.
Visitors will be asked to sign-in if they've not done so. They can also click on the  Free sign-up here link to register a new MTN account for free.

How it works for the MTN Web Store publishers?

If you've created a corporate account, you're eligible to be a publisher on MTN Web Store. You're allowed to create your own CloudWorms PDF Viewers that allows your visitors to submit their service requests to you via the new online forms. Below are the simple steps to incorporate our free online form into your PDF Viewers:
  1. Sign-in to MTN Web Store App.
  2. On the welcome screen, click Create PDF Viewer or Manage PDF Viewers.
  3. In the create or edit PDF Viewer screen, scroll to the Call-to-Action Button section.
  4. Make sure the selected Button Text is making sense to the content of your PDF Viewer. For example, if you expect your visitors to click on the Register Now button, the description of your PDF Viewer should at least contain some relevant event registration information, such as date, time, fee per person etc. Note that certain Button Actions may not be available to the context of your selected button text.
  5. Once everything looks fine, simply select the right type of online form for your visitors to submit, then click Publish, that's all!
This screenshot shows the 3 types of free online form as part of the available Button Actions for the users to choose from.

After publishing your CloudWorms PDF Viewer, the call-to-action button defined by you will appear on your PDF Viewer while viewing by your visitors. If they haven't signed in to their MTN account, clicking the call-to-action button will prompt them to sign-in. If they do not have the MTN account, they can click the Free sign-up here link to sign-up (see above screenshot).

After signing in, the form will immediately pop-up and the visitors can start to fill up their request and submit to the publisher. Once submitted, an email notification will be sent to the publisher. A copy of this email will also be sent to the form submitter's mailbox for their reference.

Best of all, the same power of yours remain -- URL to your own online form!

With the new online form features, that doesn't mean your old power will be going away! Yes, you can still choose the option to point your custom call-to-action button to your own web page with your own online form (see screenshot below) or other special content like YouTube video URL. This makes our CloudWorms PDF Viewers a powerful content marketing material to many digital marketers, even for the non-technical ones!
By selecting the 'Go to a specific page URL' option, you can make your call-to-action button points to the URL of your choice!

Yes, we're going to be Out of Beta soon!

Yes, the online form feature is the final milestone of our beta program. After enough live testing on this new feature, MTN Web Store App and CloudWorms PDF Viewers are expected to be out of beta by end of June 2022. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation and feedback. But keep in mind that "out of beta" doesn't mean we'll stop there -- like many other apps in the market, continuous improvements and enhancements are our key success factors. We'll continue to stabilize, optimize, and enhance our MTN Web Store and its app for mutual success and long-term sustainability of all!

To get started with MTN Web Store App now, sign-up here for free and earn up to RM100 free trial credits! No credit card information required and no auto-payment risk! Happy digital marketing!