User-defined Social Media Image Now Made Easy for CloudWorms PDF Viewers

With the September 2022 Updates of MTN Web Store App, you can still publish your CloudWorms PDF Viewers and post them elegantly on social media networks with thumbnail image even though you do not have one!

One of the powerful features of CloudWorms PDF Viewers is that it allows users to customize their own social image and thumbnail image display on MTN Web Store. But recently, we discovered a couple of problems that prevented this feature from successfully carrying out its mission and meet its intended goals:

  1. Some users are either do not have the image file or do not know how to create the right image file for their PDF Viewers. Due to this reason, they might as well stop using it or give it up entirely.

  2. Many cloud storage providers, even including Dropbox, no longer support the use of images stored on their servers by 3rd party apps, either for the display of images on the web or social media networks or both.
Due to these reasons, in the September 2022 updates, we've changed the implementation of such user-defined thumbnail image to a much easier and simplified approach.

  1. Option to select MTN Default Social Image by Category
    In order to resolve issues as stated above, our art team have created a professionally looking social media image for each content category. When you select a category for your PDF Viewer, our app will automatically suggest the right default thumbnail image for you (see screenshot above). Currently, we only start from one design per category. In future, we'll offer more designs for our users to choose from, up to the subcategory level -- but we need your support! In order for us to think that the expansion of the selectable artwork is worthy to go ahead, we need your support to start using it more often by creating and publishing more PDF Viewers for your marketing needs; otherwise when too few people using it, we may switch to other priority rather than continue designing more images for this purpose.

    This option will not only useful to those do not have the right image for their PDF content, it's also useful to those who have the image but does not meet the requirements, e.g. the image dimension, file type and so on. When this happened, the users can tentatively accept the MTN default image and get it published first. They can always fix their image later when they have the time without delaying the time-to-market success factor.

    Keep in mind that this default image will not only appear as the larger thumbnail image of your social media postings, it will also appear as the thumbnail image on MTN Web Store in a much smaller size for higher performance purposes.

  2. Option to specify image URL from your website
    If you want to have a unique thumbnail appearance for your PDF Viewers, however, we have another option for you, that is to specify your own image URL copied from your website. If your website does not have the image that you want, you can upload it to your web server and supply the direct URL to our MTN Web Store App. But for this new implementation, images from 3rd party cloud storage providers like Google Drive and Dropbox are no longer supported as they're prone to be problematic to the apps. For your PDF files, however, they're still working perfectly fine on our CloudWorms PDF Viewers. In other words, with the new implementation, you only need to upload your PDF files to your preferred cloud storage provider, which has further simplified your tasks while working with MTN Web Store App.

    But for this option #2, it has some other restrictions just to ensure that your images can perform better on both the social media networks and MTN Web Store. Such restrictions will be displayed on the screen as shown above and will be automatically verified by our app before publishing. As mentioned above, you can always switch to the default MTN image if your image does not meet the requirements.

"Yes, digital marketing is an ECOSYSTEM just like nature and the human body -- if you don't eat and don't exercise, sooner or later, it's time for a life to vanish from this world."

Again, MTN Web Store App requires the support of the community in order to progress further to become a more creative, exciting, and most importantly, a more sustainable marketing platform for everyone! Without your support in this difficult time, MTN Web Store and CloudWorms PDF Viewers will not be able to unleash their full potential due to low amount of information, low variety of choices on products & services, and low activity on social media networks. Such low frequency of existence will in turn affect its SEO performance -- Yes, digital marketing is an ECOSYSTEM just like the nature and human body -- if you don't eat and don't exercise, sooner or later, it's time for a life to be vanished from this world. If you love our work, let us show our heartbeat and together, we show to the world that in Malaysia, we can do it too!