MTN Web Store App: Join the Open Beta Now & Earn Free Trial Credits


Find out what's new on MTN Web Store App's Open Beta and learn how to participate and earn free trial credits up to RM50.00!

Since the commencement of our Final Closed Beta on 30th June, we took 2 months to test it and enhanced it with more other essential features in order to offer the public a better Open Beta experience. Yes, MTN Web Store App is finally open for everyone, not only for training providers but also for all marketers in all industries and for PDF Content Marketers in particular.

How to get started

To help you to get started without any unwanted surprises, we've prepared the following four items to help you set the expectations right:

  1. Quick Look Guide
    This quick look guide, as the name implies, is for you to have a quick look at what CloudWorms really is. It is for those who prefer to have some screenshots to look at with some brief explanation. This quick look guide was prepared in PDF format and presented to you using the CloudWorms PDF Viewer so that you can witness CloudWorms PDF Viewer in action and evaluate it all at the same time.
    NOTE: The thumbnail below was embedded using CloudWorms Embed Feature.
  2. Evaluation Guide
    The evaluation guide is for those who want in-depth explanations on how CloudWorms PDF Viewer really works and how it benefits their business, not only in terms of marketing but also in the costs management perspective. This guide mainly explains to you why the PDF alone may not be an ideal tool for your content marketing purpose and how you can take advantage of CloudWorms to reduce the IT dependency and marketing costs, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.
    NOTE: The thumbnail below was embedded using CloudWorms Embed Feature.
  3. New Account Pre-registration Procedures
    Whether you've gone through the Quick Look and Evaluation Guides or not, this pre-registration process will help you to find out even more practically if CloudWorms is the right solution for you. This optional Q&A session takes less than a minute to complete before you can proceed to the new account registration. You can, however, skip this process if you've gone through it before and come back again after having your further consideration.

    Screenshot showing the first step of new account pre-registration process.

  4. CloudWorms Pricing Page
    Although we do offer some free trial credits for every new account and MTN Web Store App is free to register, it's good to study the pricing first so that when you've decided to leverage it further, you know what you're paying for with at least some basic awareness of the service terms pertaining to pricing.

    CloudWorms Pricing Page

More about the Open Beta & Free Trial Credits

Below is the summary of our current plan for Open Beta:
  • Duration: 01 Sep 2021 to 31 Dec 2021
  • Maximum participants allowed: 50 new accounts
  • First 20 participants: RM50 free trial credits after a successful registration.
  • 21st to 50th participant: RM30 free trial credits after a successful registration.
  • Users can choose to stop using CloudWorms after the free credits have been used up or continue to top-up if they want to leverage it further -- No auto-top-up and no credit card number required during and after the registration except during online payment.
  • We'll stop accepting new registration once we've reached 50 new accounts before 01 Jan 2022. After end of Open Beta, i.e. on 01 Jan 2022, this limit will be lifted.
  • Periodical maintenance and upgrades will be conducted. Users are not allowed to login during the server maintenance.
  • The plan may subject to change to address any unforeseen circumstances.

Moving Forward

During the Final Closed Beta announcement, we revealed some other features that we planned to include in the Open Beta. But after some further consideration plus due to resource shortage, we planned to push the implementation of the said features after the current Open Beta, they are:

  1. CloudWorms I'MTP
  2. Automated Content Visibility Management for Classic I'MTP
  3. MTN Web Store User Company Profiles
We believe the current features equipped with the Open Beta should be enough for most PDF content marketers to meet their sustainability needs during this pandemic. We want to concentrate our resources to improve the quality of the Open Beta for better user experience, which will also act as our efforts to prepare for its final release. Therefore, the above excluded features will be put in the future plan until further notice.

We hope this Open Beta announcement will keep you excited and enable business marketers to see some lights during this pandemic. To proceed with the Open Beta participation now, follow this link!