Announcing MTN Web Store App Open Beta 3

 MTN Web Store App Open Beta 3

Learn the new enhancements of CloudWorms PDF Viewers in Open Beta 3 and find out why they're so important for effective digital marketing strategies.

In Open Beta 2, we improved the visual effects of CloudWorms PDF Viewers, the MTN Web Store App's performance, and introduced the new public site menu for the MTN Web Store site. This month in Open Beta 3, we're focusing on the following enhancements:

  1. Branding image improvements for CloudWorms PDF Viewers
  2. Lead generation and conversion improvements for CloudWorms PDF Viewers
  3. SEO improvements for CloudWorms PDF Viewers
  4. User experience (UX) improvements for MTN Web Store App

Branding image improvements for CloudWorms PDF Viewers

Brand marketing isn't just about social responsibility in building a trusted brand, it is also about delivering a clear business identity, not only to the people but also to the search engines and for Local SEO in particular. Therefore in Open Beta 3, we allow MTN Web Store App users to add their office full address to the sticky header of CloudWorms PDF Viewers. By having the full address consistently displayed, even though the users missed out the state and country name in the description for the purpose of local SEO, the full office address can still play the role and never miss. For example, Corporate Intelligence Advisors was fast enough to upgrade the PDF Viewers of their online training courses right after the release of Open Beta 3 as shown below:
CloudWorms PDF Viewer in Open Beta 3

With their full address intact, their potential customers might be able to find when searching for "alternative dispute resolution training in sarawak" or "alternative dispute resolution training in malaysia" even though they've forgotten to put the keywords Sarawak and Malaysia in the description.

Lead generation and conversion improvements for CloudWorms PDF Viewers

On top of the full office address, we also allow our users to add their email address and contact number to their PDF Viewers. Although we do allow users to specify their preferred online form URL for data collection and lead generation, the email address and phone number are still important for the following reasons:
  1. Some visitors may prefer writing email or calling up the customer service instead of filling up form.
  2. Some visitors may have problem accessing your online form, e.g. older version of Safari web browser may have problem opening Google Form.
  3. Some older web browsers may have problem downloading the PDF file from the PDF Viewer, so the users might want to email the service provider for another copy of attachment.
  4. To add significant content value for the purpose of SEO.
As you can see, with the email address and phone number as the contact alternatives, this will definitely help to increase the lead generation performance of CloudWorms PDF Viewers.

User experience (UX) improvements for MTN Web Store App

In order to achieve the above key important digital marketing effects, in Open Beta 3, we've enhanced the CloudWorms PDF Viewer module in MTN Web Store App in the following areas:
  • Office address & contact info display option
    The PDF Viewer creation and editing page now allows users to optionally select which type of contact info to display on their PDF Viewer according to the context of their PDF content.

    CloudWorms PDF Viewer's Contact Display Options

  • Manage contact info without leaving the PDF Viewer creation/editing page
    The PDF Viewer creation and editing page now allows users to manage the contact info without leaving the unsaved information by simply clicking the Manage contact info link. 

    CloudWorms PDF Viewer's Contact Management

  • More realistic preview of PDF Viewer
    The users can now have a close-to-live preview of the PDF Viewer that they're currently working on, including smartphone view and large screen view.

    CloudWorms PDF Viewer Preview Feature

  • Proper sorting of PDF Viewers with the latest content revision# and last updated date
    In the Manage PDF Viewers page, users can now have their most recently edited PDF Viewers listed at the top-most of the list, together with the latest content revision number and the last updated date, making the users easier to continue where they left off or simply to track the recent work done.

    CloudWorms PDF Viewer Sorting Feature

Moving forward

As you can see, we're committed to make CloudWorms the best PDF Viewers for digital marketing purposes, bringing the power of digital marketing back to the non-technical business professionals in all industries, making them become more self-sufficient, independent, and helping them to reduce operation costs and improve productivity. Moving forward, we'll explore more on online forms and MTN Training Marketplace integration with CloudWorms. We hope to gain more supports from training and HR community, whether local or overseas, by participating our Open Beta program so that together, we help to revive the economy in both training and HR industry in this COVID-19 pandemic!