Build Your B2B Online Corporate Web Store for Greater Diversity & Sustainability


Thinking of diversifying your products & services for greater sustainability? Build Your B2B Online Corporate Web Store with MTN Web Store App!

In the earlier release, we rolled out a ground breaking MTN Web Store where visitors can browse for wide range of products & services, including job opportunities and online training courses. The reasons why we've yet to offer the search feature is because:

  1. MTN Web Store is still on Open Beta.
  2. There is still not much data that requires the search feature.
We'll eventually make the search feature available when there are too many products & services to search about and we need your participation and support to make this a reality!

However, with the recently released MTN Web Store, all products & services are pretty much scattered by categories -- this has two drawbacks:
  1. Visitors can't focus on one single organization that they're interested in.
  2. Our users can't have a single page that groups all their products & services in the form of CloudWorms PDF Viewers and share with their customers in one single URL.
These are the reasons why the MTN Web Store Profile is required to complete our organic digital marketing solution. As the matter of fact, MTN Web Store Profile was part of our plan and roadmap. Its objective is to allow businesses of all sizes in all industries to have their own online web store that is optimized for search engines and social media networks with just their PDF marketing brochures.

The features of MTN Web Store Profile

Corporate Intelligence Advisors' Web Store Profile
Corporate Intelligence Advisors' Web Store Profile
The MTN Web Store Profile has the following powerful digital marketing features:
  • Digital Shelves
    Capable of transforming CloudWorms PDF Viewers created by the users into Digital Shelves presented on their web store profile, stacked by subcategory.
  • Indexable HTML Contents for SEO
    Allows the users to describe their business in HTML text (up to 3,000 characters long), which is indexable by search engines and improves SEO.
  • Business Identity & Branding Image
    Allows users to specify their profile logo, business address and contact information, not only for lead generation but also for SEO purposes. Optional information is like organization motto/tagline and date established for branding image improvements.
  • Custom Social Media Image
    Allows users to specify their own social media post image. If not available, a default banner image will be given in order to help improving the effectiveness of their social media post.
  • CloudWorms PDF Viewer Integration
    The MTN Web Store Profile is now linking with all CloudWorms PDF Viewers created and published by the users. Users no longer need to specify the logo image URL and external profile URL each time when creating the PDF Viewer. This also means that when their potential customers discover one of their PDF Viewers, they can discover the rest of their PDF Viewers through their MTN Web Store Profile!
  • Mobile-Friendly
    The MTN Web Store Profile is mobile-friendly.
More features will be added and enhanced as we move on. If you're planning to diversify your business offers for greater sustainability and making it more industrial disaster proof, MTN Web Store is definitely your ideal solution. When creating your CloudWorms PDF Viewer, we have wide range of products & services category for you to select. You can even post a job ad via MTN Web Store App and your ad will appear on your MTN Web Store Profile upon successfully published!

To get started with MTN Web Store Profile, register your free MTN account now!