MTN Web Store 2023 Road Map & December 2022 Updates

MTN Web Store 2023 Road Map


Study the MTN Web Store 2023 Development Road Map and discover the opportunities that fit into your 2023 new year business resolution for a greater success! 

Ever since the major change of information re-organization and strategic SEO implementation that we announced on our 11th anniversary, the SEO impression of our MTN Web Store has hit a sudden growth of more than 1000% in less than a month! In view of this reason, by employing the same strategy, we're planning to extend our top level content category to two more highly searched industries, namely Properties and Travel Packages. On top of that, we'll also apply the same strategy to redesign our CloudWorms PDF Viewers, not only to further boost the traffic but also for better look-and-feel, usability, and performance.

To achieve the above goals stated, we've laid out our 2023 development plan that we would like to share with everyone of you here so that you're well aware of it and make a necessary preparation to join us as part of your 2023 business resolution.

Our 2023 Road Map:

NOTE: Each item in the road map below is just an ETA and may subject to change as priority changes somewhere down the road.

  • December 2022: SEO-Oriented Data Remodeling: The Preparation
    In order to apply the new SEO strategy as stated above in the new coming year, we've changed the way we phrase and collect data on our Sign-up Page. See the December 2022 Updates below for more information.

  • February 2023: CloudWorms PDF Viewer's Strategic Design & New Look
    To offer a better quality of life (QoL) and performance, we'll redesign our CloudWorms PDF Viewers in the beginning of 2023. The new design is also to cater for the new SEO strategy that boost the traffic by itself without depending too much on the traffic driven by MTN Web Store.

  • April 2023: Category-based Item Standard Specification
    In order to increase the indexable HTML contents by the search engines as well as to offer visitors a quick understanding of business items offered by our members' CloudWorms PDF Viewers, the Category-based Item Standard Specification will be introduced somewhere in April 2023. This so called "standard specification" may be able to optionally replace the need to write a proper item description, which could be difficult for some sales and marketing personnel. For example, the sales team for a training course may not be able to write a course description better than the trainer himself. But specifying the course duration, target audience, pricing, and delivery methods would be much easier for them. This standard specification may vary from category to category, example from Training Courses to Travel Packages. Users do not need to wait for this feature to be released in order to proceed with the new creations of their PDF Viewers as they can always come back and edit them later once the feature is released.
  • May 2023: Optional SEO Auto Mode for Non-Technical Users
    With the new SEO-based data model and Category-based Item Standard Specification, the future of CloudWorms PDF Viewers should be able to perform an effective automatic SEO without even a minor involvement of the users. However, advance users can still turn off the auto mode at anytime if they want to.

  • June 2023: MTN Web Store Navigation Side Bar & Company Profile Listing
    In order to improve the content visibility and site navigation experience, the new navigation side bar will be introduced on MTN Web Store. This new navigation side bar may come with a new link called Companies Listing that will list all the companies available on MTN Web Store and grouped or filtered by industry and state. This will further help our visitors to quickly find their desired service providers or suppliers rather than view by products and services.

  • August 2023: Social Follow, Social Invite, & News Feed Features
    Not much that the users of Personal account can do? Worry no more! More things can be done by the users of both Corporate and Personal accounts in future! With the said features, users will be able to track new offers published by their favorite companies, invite new companies or friends to join and more!

  • October 2023: Free Buyer Request Posting Features
    Asking for more B2B features? Well, we heard you! If time allowed, we may start with a simple buyer posting feature somewhere in October 2023 where trusted corporate users are allowed to post their buyer service requests for free. But this feature needs a deeper thought because it can be very abusive by certain users, e.g. turning it into an ad instead of a service request. We'll offer more information pertaining to this feature as we move on.

  • December 2023: Gamification Reward Point System
    Once again, this is to give more fun to the users while performing their digital marketing campaigns on MTN Web Store. This rewarding feature may not only limited to the corporate users but the personal users as well. For example, certain features can be unlocked for the personal users when certain accumulated reward points have been achieved. For corporate users, they can claim for free credits when they've completed certain challenges and so on -- very much like playing a computer game!

December 2022 Updates:

  • Data Remodeling on Sign-up Page
    As mentioned above, the following have been changed on the MTN Sign-up Page:
    • State: New users need to provide the state of their country.
    • Industry: The name of each selectable industry has been rephrased. If your industry is not listed, you can specify one but may be moderated and rephrased by us to fit into our new data model.
    • Organization Name: New users only need to enter the actual name of their company and select the type of company from the list, e.g. Sdn Bhd, Bhd, PLT etc. For sole proprietors, just select "(Sole Proprietor)".

  • Organization Short Name
    For the new data model, Short Name is required, but only after the new account registration process. This is designed in purpose so that new users do not need to crack their head to think of a proper short name for their organization while filling up the sign-up form.

  • Handling & Managing Old Account Data Model
    For existing users, they will be prompted to complete their account settings while trying to access certain features in MTN Web Store App. After completing the account settings, they will be able to use the features as usual.

  • Introducing Two New Top-Level Categories: Properties & Travel Packages
    When we mention "Top Level Category", we mean special SEO has been done on this category and all its corresponding subcategories. Examples of these top level categories are Digital Marketing, Training Courses etc. and now Properties and Travel Packages. If you created a PDF Viewer that falls under Services -> Finance & Insurance for example, that doesn't mean it is not optimized for SEO, just that it is being optimized in a more generic way. If you think the category of your products and services should be promoted as top-level category as well, e.g. Financial Services, feel free to let us know, together with the total number of viewers that you planned to published, we will be able to consider your proposal in a more rational way.
We hope you find our road map excited and has fulfilled some of your wish list if not all. Although certain desired features may take time for them to be delivered, we suggest that you don't wait for them to be released as some contents may take time for the search engines to rank them higher. If you delay further, you may lose out the competitive advantage in terms of SEO in particular. Digital marketing has become extremely competitive nowadays, and we have to keep moving and moving fast -- the same goes to you. So let's get started!