MTN 11th Anniversary & 2022 Retrospective Updates

Find out the out-of-beta updates of MTN Web Store on this 11th anniversary and the rest of the retrospective updates in 2022.

On this MTN 11th Anniversary, we're delighted to announce that MTN Web Store and all its associated components, i.e. CloudWorms PDF Viewers and MTN Web Store App, are now out of beta. But this doesn't mean that we'll stop improving MTN Web Store and its associates because continuous updates and improvements is the nature of our business -- you just can't forever stay on beta when improvements are forever needed! But over the last three years of development and patches, MTN Web Store and its components are now much stable and compelling than before with our following 11th anniversary updates:

November 2022 Anniversary Updates

MTN Web Store screenshot showing the new Tile Explorer with direct link to subcategory and description for each item. Total item count has also been added to each category header.

What's new:

  1. The Tile Explorer of MTN Web Store now includes a shortcut to the subcategory of each item listed on the top category. This allows you to quickly jump to similar items of the same subcategory for more choices without having to drill down one-by-one.
  2. The Tile Explorer also includes the description of each business item if you prefer to know something about it before clicking through for the details.
  3. The publisher's name has been removed from the Tile Explorer in order to save space and also not to confuse the search engines for what is really important here. Visitors can still find out who the publisher is when they landed on the detail page, i.e. the PDF Viewer.
  4. The Site Footer now includes the link to our newly created YouTube channel.
  5. The Getting Started footer links have been improved in order to provide visitors a better way to understand our services and get it started the right way.
  6. Images on Tile Explorer now load faster than before as we've just employed the technology for dynamic image size optimization.
  7. Tile Explorer on mobile phone will collapse by default in order to provide greater awareness on more item categories. If the category has only one subcategory, the subcategory will be expanded by default.
  8. Image size on mobile view has been further reduced, not only for performance but also to create more spaces for item description and hence for more item views per screen.

Bug fixes:

  1. FIXED: The Tile Explorer's expand/collapse button did not behave as expected.
We hope you'll find the above anniversary updates exciting and interesting. These new updates are expected to bring a much significant performance improvement in the coming year and more to be done soon.

Other 2022 Retrospective Updates

If you're also interested to know our past efforts, below are the retrospective updates on MTN Web Store and its components throughout the year of 2022:
Last but not least, we would like to thank you and all of our Classic I'MTP members for their long-term loyalty and support. Without them, MTN may not be able to survive until today since the COVID-19 MCO Lockdown in 2019. But with this economic crisis, we built this MTN Web Store to encourage everyone to diversify their product range and services in order to achieve greater sustainability even during the similar crisis -- Expect for the Unexpected!

If you have fate in us, and you also believe you should look for a digital marketing platform that is resilient enough to scale according to the diverse expansions of your business model, you're welcome to join us now -- the registration is free with RM100.00 free credits for you to get started, no credit card required.

Happy 11th Anniversary to MTN!