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Date: Thursday, March 20, 2014

Author: Antonio Ooi

New Email Templates for your Better Online Training Request Experience

• Date:

Improving your online training request experience with our new email auto-responder and notification templates.

When we just started our online service, we only took the default email template from our online form provider as our email notification template. It was used to send notifications to our I'MTP members, informing them about the new training request from a specific site visitor. For in-house training request, the requestors didn't even have a reference copy for themselves after submitting their request. When ones become too busy with their work, they can't even remember what they had sent few days ago. Furthermore, sending a reference copy back to the users is in fact a basic feature that we should incorporate and we neglected it. Earlier, only online public training registration requests were given an auto-responder that contained their registration information as we thought that it is necessary for the participants to remember the training event that they need to attend several weeks later. Now, with our new email auto-responder and notification system, you can have it all (see the sample screenshot below)!

Date: Thursday, December 5, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

Home 3.1 Update: Now Showing Current & Next Month Public Training Events

• Date:

No more short notice on events to be held at the beginning of the month.

In fact, when we first rolled out our Home 3.0, we had already aware of one problem with our Current Month Public Training Events Column: Those events to be held in the beginning of the month were always appeared short notice and did not make sense to the users. Until recently, as one of our members, Culture Dynamics, also reminded us about the same issue, we decided to address it once and for all.

Date: Monday, November 11, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

Happy Birthday to and Welcome to I'MTP 3.0!

• Date:

As turns 2 years old on her 2nd anniversary, our I'MTP also turn 3.0 on 11.11.2013! Find out what I'MTP 3.0 mean to you and the training providers in Malaysia!

Happy Birthday to! ^^

On 11 Nov 2012 last year, we launched our I'MTP 2.0; this year 11 Nov 2013, although didn't plan in purpose, we realized that we're actually going to repeat what we were doing last year, that is to launch our I'MTP 3.0 on our 2nd anniversary in 2013! We had already thought of fine-tuning our I'MTP service modal once again since Sep 2013 in order to balance the growth of our member population across training categories, but we never thought of launching it on our 2nd anniversary until it was getting nearer to Nov 2013: "Oh ya! Why not we launch it at 11 Nov once again?!" — So here comes the launching of our I'MTP 3.0 on 11.11.2013, once again. ^^

Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

I'mTP 3.0: No more "Grrrggghh" for keep failing your Final Q&A Test!

• Date:

"Grrrggghh" for keep failing our Q&A Test?
— We think you would love this! ^^

Dear Training Providers, we know some of you were almost going crazy by keep failing our Final Q&A Test due to not knowing which questions you have done wrong — Don't worry! In the coming I'mTP 3.0, we'll make it a little bit easier for you (see picture below)! ^^

Our original intention is to avoid the applicants from blindly guessing for the answers (and still got it right!) without showing their willingness to fully understand our service terms and cause some unwanted future disputes later on.

Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

Training Demand Dropped: Malaysian Government Budget Allocation the One to Blame?

• Date: site traffic had been dropped since early 2013. Is Google algorithm change the one to blame or Malaysian government budget allocation on training could be part of the cause? Read more...

Just as we thought the dropping of our site traffic was purely caused by Google Panda & Penguin change alone, after performing a further research, we discovered that Google might not be the only one who responsible for the traffic drop but the allocation of Malaysian government budget on training could also be the one. If you look at the graph generated by Google Trends below, you'll notice that keyword searches related to training in Malaysia had been tremendously declined since year 2004 until present day:

Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

We have a new Tagline!

• Date:

As our reputation gradually growth, our tagline has no longer SEO-oriented but Brand-oriented without sacrificing the needs for both SEO and users...

Some background history about our old tagline...

When we just started, we were not famous and reputable enough to attract more visitors, therefore, making every step to be SEO-oriented was our key strategy to gain market awareness. If you refer to our old tagline below:

“Your most compelling online source for your corporate training hunting experience in Malaysia!”

Date: Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Author: Antonio Ooi

Home 3.0: Bringing Your Course Hunting Experience to the Next Level

• Date:

Making our home page more worthwhile to be revisited than before...

Why Home 3.0?

Since we started on 11.11.2011 until today, we have a total of 13,653 returning visitors and 83.4% are from Malaysia. Lately this year, over 30% out of our total monthly visitors are returning visitors. Apparently, many have chosen as their favorite source in searching for their desired corporate training courses. But the question is, how can we make the returns of our loyal visitors more meaningful and worthwhile than before? — Here comes our Home 3.0!